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      Assorted Artisanal Chocolate Truffles

      As an artist, my passion for creating keeps me forever striving to reach beyond expectations. Making extraordinary chocolates is truly a labor of love. I am always experimenting, so newly created truffles, although not shown here, may be included in the assortment. NOTE: Chocolate truffles in each box will vary.

       dark chocolate raspberry truffle / orange blossom honey hazelnut praline peanut butter truffle / 5 spice trufflemilk and dark chocolate sea salted caramel coconut truffle / lemon zest truffle / dark chocolatemilk chocolate truffle / Nutella trufflevegan peppermint patty earl grey tea chocolate truffleTahitian vanilla bean / chocolate / lavender trufflela vie en rose raspberry chocolate truffle / s'more trufflehazelnut praline / coconut / white chocolate caramel