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      It was in a small Parisian café with the Louvre in view, that I took my first bite of the famous French macaron.

      These pastel-colored delicacies—small, round, cake-like domes (made with almond flour, egg whites, and powdered sugar) with slightly crisp outer shells with soft and slightly chewy middles, and luscious fillings—became my obsession. I fell in love and never stopped thinking about these delicate wonders upon returning home. Love sick for Paris and its illusive macaron, I went to work. Six months of recipe development and 3,000 macarons later, I did it. And it is my absolute pleasure to share them with you. And now, you’ll always have Paris too.

      For weddings, favors, parties, and more

      We typically offer a palette of 15 flavors in our retail locations. Pistachio (made with just fresh roasted and salted pistachios), red velvet, apricot cognac, fresh cannoli cream, sea-salted caramel, birthday cake (of course), and seasonal creations to name a few. For weddings, parties, and events contact us.


      "The macarons at Sciascia Confections are my absolute favorite. I have had macarons  from Laduree, Pierre Herme, and others when I was in Paris, and I prefer the ones at Sciascia Confections hands-down.” – Nicole C.